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Leishrisk, Bridging Research and Leishmanianis Control

Leishrisk, Bridging Research and Leishmanianis Control

Kaladrug-R  agenda


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A. Kaladrug-R meetings

April 30 2013 End of Project


September 26 2012 Meeting A one-day meeting was organized to disseminate the findings of Kaladrug to the experts, researchers, NGOS and stakeholders at state, national and international levels. This meeting was held in Kathmandu, Nepal. The powerpoint with conclusions can be downloaded here.
January 27-28 2012 Workshop A workshop on "Monitoring of clinical outcomes of kala azar in the health system & surveillance of drug resistance" was organized in Faridabad, India. The report can be downloaded here.
September 13-15 2011 Coordination meeting Meeting with all Kaladrug-R partners, hosted by Prof. Dr. Schönian in Berlin, Germany.
September 21-25 2010 Plenary coordination meeting - Mid-term review meeting - FP7 Symposium 'Negelected Tropical Diseases' The mid-term review was combined with a coordination meeting of the project and a general dissemination event to which other FP7 projects working on Leishmania were invited. Gerald Spaeth (FP7 Leishdrug consortium) organised this event at Pasteur Institute Paris. The Kaladrug-R plenary meeting and mid-term review took place on September 22nd - 23rd, the symposium on Neglected Tropical Diseases was on September 24th.

Summary symposium on - Confronting neglected protozan diseases: understanding the challenges, developing solutions.                  

Presentation Kaladrug-R coordinator Prof. Dr. JC Dujardin at 'Neglected Tropical Diseases' symposium download here

Poster presentations and abstracts of the Kaladrug-R consortium download here

February 15 2010 Clinical meeting

Meeting with all clinical Kaladrug-R partners, hosted by Prof. Dr. Sundar in Varanasi, India. The clinical meeting was linked to a Pharmacovigilance meeting and field visits by the ITMA team from February 5th till February 22nd in Nepal and India.

October 8 - 9 2009 Laboratory meeting

Meeting with all laboratory Kaladrug-R partners, hosted by Prof. Dr. Dujardin in Antwerp, Belgium.

February 9 - 12 2009 Kick-off plenary meeting

Meeting with all Kaladrug-R partners, hosted by Prof. Dr. Sudar in Varanasi India.



B. Kaladrug-R reporting: Mid-term report has been submitted

deadline date responsible

scientific reporting activity

June 11 2013 General coordinator prepare final version of report
June 6 2013 All PIs provide feedback on draft to general coordinator 
May 31 2013 General coordinator preparation of a coherent draft of the whole report and dissemination to all PIs for comments. PIs have a final opportunity to update their WP  
May 15 2013 Clinical and laboratory coordinators compilation of WP reports, check for missing information and distribute to general coordinator
May 7 2013 All WP leaders compilation of data, outputs and deliverables. Distribution to clinical coordinator (Bart Ostyn, WP2-4), laboratory coordinator (Manu Vanaerschot, WP5-12) and general coordinator (Jean-Claude Dujardin, WP13-14)
April 23 2013 All PIs  collection of main scientific data, outputs and deliverables. Distribution to WP leaders
April 7 2013 All PIs  start scientific reporting process in each WP they are involved
April 1 2013 All PIs   remind your scientific staff to start the compilation of the data for the different WPs in which they are involved

C. Kaladrug-R presence at conferences

date conference - place

abstract submission deadline

May 13-17 2013
Worldleish 5 - Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil

more info

January 15 2013

25 abstracts have been submitted: notification of acceptance is pending

April 2-5 2012 British Society of Parasitology Spring Meeting - Glasgow, UK

more info


November 2 - 5 2010

10th Internatinal Conference on Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases (MEEGID)- Amsterdam, NL

more info

August 15 - 20 2010

XIIth International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA) - Melbourne, Australia

more info


April 22 -23, 2010

'Reaching out beyond Europe - programme for higher eduction and research' - Brussels, Belgium

more info and presentation on the following websites: German acadamic exchange service and Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations


March 30 - April 1 2010 British Society of Parasitology Spring Meeting - Cardiff, UK


February 3 - 7 2009 4th World Congress on Leishmaniasis (WorldLeish4) - Lucknow, India



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