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Leishrisk, Bridging Research and Leishmanianis Control

Leishrisk, Bridging Research and Leishmanianis Control

LeishRisk workshop - Programme: Day 2

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Day 2, Tuesday 13 November 2007

Session 4. Immunity and vaccination (J. Alvar & H. Louzir)
In this session we will present different aspects related to the immunology and vaccine development against leishmaniasis, including HIV co- infection and other immuno-suppressive situations. As far as possible, this session will permit to discuss various points relating to immunity and the vaccines situation against leishmaniases.
-         immunotherapy (Farrokh Modabber, Tehran University of Medical Sciences,Iran)
-         situation of HIV co-infection (Jorge Alvar, WHO, Switzerland)
-         effective immunological mechanisms for resistance against Leishmania infection (Hechmi Louzir, Institut Pasteur, Tunisia)
-         Challenges for vaccine development (Steve Reed, Infectious Disease Research Institute, Seattle, USA)
Coffee break
Session 5. Control and update on interventions (M. Boelaert & S. El Safi)
In this session several agencies involved in leishmaniasis control efforts, will give an update on their experience and on recent innovative approaches to control. They will be asked to reflect on the needs for future research from their perspective. The debate will try to stimulate the dialogue between control people and scientists. 
-         The VL elimination initiative in the Indian subcontinent (Dr. Chusak Prasittisuk, WHO/SEARO )
-         IOWH and VL control in Bihar (Philippe Desjeux, Institute for OneWorld Health, USA)
-         MSF and VL control in East-Africa (Koert Ritmeijer, MSF-Holland, The Netherlands)
-         VL diagnostics R&D and quality assurance (Marleen Boelaert, ITM-A, Belgium)
Group work - Formulating recommendations for scientific community, granting agencies and health authorities
Group 1: Immune status (hosted by Farrokh Modabber)
Group 2: Treatment failure/drug resistance (hosted by Pierre Buffet)
Group 3: Environmental changes (hosted by Robert Killick-Kendrick)
Coffee break
Debriefing of the group work and general discussion (Luigi Gradoni, ISS)
Dinner at a restaurant in Antwerp



LeishRisk supports the initiative to develop a VL Diagnostics Quality Assurance Network.  

Download a report of the first consultation meeting <here>